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Life is a series of pictures

Photography is an art that allows you to go back in time, to the moments long gone. It is a way of interpreting reality through the photographer’s perspective and the emotions of people immortalised in his frame. Therefore the essence of a good photograph is the ability to capture that which no-one else can notice.

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Dorota Kaszuba and Michał Warda

We are Dorota and Michal, proud owners and principal photographers of WhiteSmoke Studio. Our style can be described as creative documentary. We are, at heart, classic reporters where the true story, beautiful light and the decisive moment are the absolute essentials. Not only do we tap into the creativity of classics, but we also look for visual inspiration in the realm of editorials, fashion and street photography. We are passionate about what we do. We are passionate about our dogs, our travels, the people we cross paths with, music and the food we eat. We have photographed all over Europe and Asia. We want to photograph the world.

Our life does not revolve solely around wedding photography. We spend most of our time doing portrait, corporate, or family photography. We also photograph our friends, our dogs, or the street. Our life also consists of pictures taken in different spots around Europe which we visit while on work assignments. But it’s also private trips we always look forward to going on. We are hungry for everything that awakens our imagination. We are always after things that make our well-trodden paths and approach to life and work evolve. We are in a constant process. We read, we listen, we talk. We thrive on meeting people, watching films, listening to music, participating in discussions. We observe. We feel.