We are very happy that the important JM Just Maried magazine added us in their list of the top five international wedding photographers. AGAIN!!!

ABOUT JM: The luxury wedding magazine
In a very short time, JM Just Married has become the best known and most authoritative magazine in its field both nationally and internationally; in terms of the quality of its contents and photos. Distributed in Italian, English and Russian in over 60 countries; JM anticipates the international fashion trends. It’s the elite magazine for photos, graphics, contents, protagonists. What’s more, in each issue qualified collaborators and experts in the sector deal with important topics for the wedding world, ranging from the economy to marketing, from communication to consumer research, from technology to the Internet. In each issue there’s a discussion of trends and markets, fairs and competitions, new products and shops. The photographic services are a major strong point, interpreting the latest news in the bridal world through fascinating and original photos.

ABOUT ARTICLE “To observe the world from behind the lens, wait for the right moment, anticipate the scene: And then “click”. The cards are on the table. The memory of that moment will be handed down for centuries. Just Married chose to repeat the project started with the 2009 issue of the magazine, to find in the large portfolio of pictures available on the net five great photographic specialists in wedding photography; five interpreters of dreams that tell their story, through, of course, their images”

JM: JUST MARRIED MAGAZINE drugi rok z rzędu wybrał nasze studio jako jedno z najlepszych!!! Pełna lista: Carlo Carletti, Christian Keenan, WhiteSmoke Studio, Darrin James i Ryan Graham. Dziękujemy wszystkim naszym cudownym Parom Młodym. Bez Was nie byłoby tylu wspaniałych fotografii.