Many congratulations to Monika and Daniel who recently tied the knot at Palace on the Water, Lazienki Park in Warsaw. Just look at the proud groom, best men and the sweet bridesmaids, and above all at Monika! She was looking marvellous! Fabulous wedding gown! We want to thank and congratulate the newlyweds. Enjoy the photos! More images to come in the next few weeks!

Bride and Groom: Monika and Daniel
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Ceremony: Palace on the Water, Lazienki Park
Reception: Belvedere Restaurant

Here are some details about the wedding from Monika to inspire all the brides-to-be!:) Thanks Monika:)

The Dress:
This was one of the most important things for me in planning the wedding! The dress is a vintage, antique lace wedding gown. I completely fell in love with lace and once I started looking at the modern dresses in the shops I knew I wanted to get a vintage one – I love the elegant, ‘more covered-up’ style which I realised you can’t find in many wedding shops today; plus the older the lace gets the softer and more beautiful it becomes I think – I was completely inspired by Grace Kelly and her long-sleeved lace wedding dress. The dress is Victorian-style but made in the 60’s / 70’s. Originally it had big 70’s-style ‘bell- shaped’ sleeves but I cut them to make them tight , that’s why there is a join there on the sleeve. It’s from a shop in London that finds and restores vintage wedding gowns – each one is unique and you never know what you might find there

The bridesmaid dresses are from Monsoon Bridal section. I loved the idea of having white bridesmaid dresses, even though there were quite a few arguments about this; as some people felt that traditionally only the bride should wear the white dress. But I think they so elegant and have a kind of ‘fairy-tale’ look to them.

The shoes:
These are from Gina, they were a present from my mum. I absolutely love them and the best thing is I know I will wear these again and again as they are gold and glittery – not the traditional white wedding shoes.

I think Konrad Kłos did an amazing job with my hair. I really wanted to wear it up as I wanted something different than what I usually do everyday; but I didn’t it to look too ‘tight’ or hair-sprayed and stiff. I love how he has made it look very natural and loose, and even though I have quite short hair, he has also made it look like I have lots of long, loose curls at the back.

Daniel got his suit, shirt, waistcoat and tie made for him at a tailor’s here in Dubai where we live.

Our story:
We met each other straight after finishing school in our very first job working in an office so we have been together for over ten years now – despite spending years studying at different universities. Five years ago I got a job in publishing in Dubai but after a few months Daniel decided that the distance was too far so he moved to Dubai too; and we have been here ever since.

The wedding day:
On the morning of the wedding I was so stressed, anxious, and nervous by the emotion of the day. I think I burst out crying quite a few times which made it very difficult for Ania to put on my make-up! My parents were also quite stressed – I think this has all come out in the photos, where you can see I am overwhelmed in most of them and look like I’m on the verge of a breakdown! But as soon as I got to the Palace where we got married, all the stress just evaporated and I felt happy and relaxed – especially when I saw Daniel and could see how much more tense he was than me! Once we were married we just relaxed and enjoyed the day, which was without a doubt the best day of our lives. The best parts of the day for me were my Dad’s speech, and our first dance. I managed to persuade Daniel to come for some dance lessons for a few weeks before the day; and it was so worth it. Having all our friends and family cheering us on for that was such a brilliant moment. The photos from WhiteSmoke of the dance are also just incredible – some of our favourite photos from the whole day, they have made us look like real dance pros!
For Daniel his highlight was seeing me walk down the aisle for the first time of course!


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