Be Fearless. Hell Yeah!

There’s no better way to illustrate our attitude a few months ago after Huy invited us to take part in the conference. We – as speakers – side by side with such fantastic photographers? A great privilege AND a great challenge. How to fit the guiding principle of our two-day workshops into a one-hour presentation in front of such a large audience? There’s one answer and one answer only – be fearless. We pulled up our sleeves and took the challenge.

Today, a few days after the conference, we’re sure of one thing: each event of this magnitude is a great ‘shot in the arm’ for the whole coming season. Hours spent on talking, new ideas, new friends. There was action. Plenty of it.
Huy, together with Irina and Robert, had set out to do an incredibly difficult thing: organise an international conference in Bucharest, Romania. A beautiful city, a fantastic country and most importantly for us – incredibly open, warm people. We’re sure it’s a great challenge to organise such an event and keep smiling but the hosts showed no signs of fatigue. They’ve got it in their blood! Huy, Irina, Robert – thank you for all the efforts you put into organising the conference and taking care of us.
The two days were an excellent opportunity to meet new friends but first of all to hear how others make it in this difficult business. The bar was set high from the very beginning. In just a few words Candice put the essence of what anybody should think of before picking up a camera. Huy and Sergio gave us loads of inspiration for running a business. Carlo Carletti showed that you can remain an artist and still be successful in this – so very commercial – field of photography. Todd Laffler shared his knowledge of how to succeed in creating so many awarded photos. Anna Kuperberg gave us lots of warmth and faith in how important it is to remain true to yourself in photography and Ben and Erin showed that the location really doesn’t count – it’s perseverance and consistency in pursuing your clearly defined goal that matter.

Lots of emotions, lots of delight. Frankly speaking, we just couldn’t focus on taking photos – we totally immersed ourselves in soaking up and sharing the knowledge and experience. Below is just a snippet of those few days spent in Bucharest. Are you wondering if it’s worth going to the next Fearless Conference in future? Reserve the time in your calendar now!